quite nice and enjoyed the day

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The weather is now warm enough that I 
quite nice and I enjoyed the day 

Usually, we change over the winter 
tires on the car some time in April. 
That didn't happen this year because 
of the COVID-19 business, so I dropped 
the car off at the shop and walked 
of Japan podcast on the Buddhist monk 
Nichiren. I highly recommend the 
episodes and has covered almost every 
aspect of Japan's past. Unfortunately, 
the episode did not discuss the issue 
that I was interested in -- which was 
the apocalyptic variant of Nichiren 
followed by some of the officers of 
Japan's Kwantung Army in Manchuria, 
War II in Asia.
After lunch I walked back to the shop 
and picked up the vehicle. It's 
usually a very busy place, but it 
time. No one's driving. I've only put 
one tank of gas in the car since 
mid-April and I suspect most other 
as much either.

evidence of the great slowdown 
everywhere you look. 

There are definitely fewer people out 
and about. But there's a lot more 
natural noise. The birds are back. 
They're everywhere. I've been noticing 
the declining bird populations for 
-- and hear -- them again!

The air is much clearer too and the 

aspects of this when the world goes 
back to it's normal industrious self.