the result of not getting away

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Almost a Revolution

the result of not getting away from 
the house as much as usual. In any 
case, I've decided that now is as good 
a time as any to write up a brief 
account of Shen Tong's Almost a 
Revolution, which chronicles the 
experiences of students involved in 
the 1989 Tiananmen Square democracy 
compelling book I have read in years.

The book provides a very personal 
account of the years leading up to the 
to Tiananmen after the death of 
of the 1979 Democracy Wall movement 
(think physical Twitter, where you 
take the risk of posting your thoughts 
-- including criticisms of the current 
the key political moments of his 
childhood, often distinguishing 
between what he knew at the time and 
aspect of the book explores familial 
tensions -- with the son criticizing 
s destroying his career prospects.

The book also gives the reader a 
first-hand look into the student 
movement, told by a student leader. 
Shen Tong set up the students' 
newspaper and radio station in a block 
of dorm rooms at Beijing University -- 
and then headed a committee that 
the protests.

At the same time, Shen Tong reveals a 
of the choices made by students at 
Tiananmen. His description of the 
night of the government crackdown is 
both heartbreaking and characteristic 
of his position throughout the events 
of 1989: he tried to defuse the 
thing, I'll strangle you!"), while 
own people.

Almost a Revolution is available in 
the National Emergency LIbrary: