out of the coding as am

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There. That's out of the way.

coding as craft. I am not a craftsman. 
know enough to know whether my coding 
s ugly or full of security holes. I
try to be as concise as possible and 
to keep it tidy, logical, and 
commented. That's about it.

What I really liked about dbucklin's 
comments. There's a general animosity 
toward javascript in gopherspace (and 
elsewhere), but I think it's 
misplaced. There's no reason to blame 
a tool for what people do with it. 
Javascript is not particularly 'heavy' 
or 'bloated.' You can definitely 
overload a site with it and it plays 
a significant role in tracking and 
advertising. But those results are the 
not problems with the language 

the unofficial Google News app (NewsG) 
for webOS died and I decided that I 
Yeah, I know. I'm on the wrong side of 
that one too! ;)

BASIC and Turbo Pascal, so the whole 
a lot of fun and I derived a great 

Enyo, and neither is particularly well 
that using those frameworks was going 
to be difficult for me -- and that 
learning them was going to take me 
nto a dead end. I hoped to learn
other settings in the future. Outdated 
mobile frameworks didn't really help 
n that respect. In addition, I didn't
account. As a final consideration, I 
to other platforms.

The solution to all of these problems 
and -- with the help of w3schools and 
a whole bunch of helpful people on 
Exchange (not to mention an RSS feed 
to cobble together a web app that 
the option to open the links through 
Google's mobilizer to speed up 
entire site is written in html, css, 
and javascript. It's neither heavy nor 
bloated. The proof is that it works 
quickly on my old HP Pre3, which has 
one of the worst browsers ever made. 
As a result, I have to conclude that 
t takes a LOT of javascript
(gargantuan amounts!) to weigh down a 
modern browser.

There were real benefits to creating a 
manner. The first was that it was 
to install on different devices and 
then format the site differently on 
each device via browser detection and 
css. The second is that I never have 
to update the mobile apps. When 
at least two of us!) don't have to 

You can try out the site here:

browser or on webOS or BlackBerry OS7. 
There are no stylesheets targeting 
Android or iOS devices so it will 

The mobile apps are here:

BlackBerry OS 7:

And I shared the webOS web app 
template I created here:

[1] I am painfully aware that I just 
made the standard anti-gun-control 
argument about javascript. But you 
know it's true. Javascript doesn't 
kill browsing. People kill browsing.