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Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~visiblink/phlog/20191103

links2 browser more and more often 

Links2 takes me back to web 1.0. I 
logging into social media, which 
limits my screen time. Mostly.

The other great aspect of links2 is 
that it renders big, beautiful images 
but not javascript. You might counter 
that I could do that with a regular 
browser, by toggling the javascript 

But you'd be wrong.

Links2 will render sites without 
Firefox with the "Disable Javascript" 
extension active or with javascript 
toggled off in about:config. Perhaps 
the difference has something to do 
user agents.

A good example of this involves 
toggled off in Firefox, the site 

The other great asset of links2 
nvolves online newspaper reading.
Again, I'm not sure why, but Firefox 
blocked when I pass the 10-article 
limit on my favourite newspapers. Yet 
your free pass to content heaven. 
Let's keep that to ourselves in the 

       *        *        *

My 'dark mode' settings for links2: 



Text: d0d0d0
Link: 80b6cc
Background: 202020

HTML Options:

User font size: 24
Scale all images by: 100%

to go to View > Save HTML Options