chatting back and forth with Jynx

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~visiblink/phlog/20190918

For the last few days, I've been 
chatting back and forth with Jynx on 
Mastodon about flashing a Compact 
Flash card to replace the micro-hard 
there are now some new flashing and 
Jynx has mirrored them over on the 
Raspberry Pi of Death and added some 
additional information on flashing 
larger CF cards from Palm Powerups.

Speaking of Jynx, he posted a nice 
bit of gopher (the phlogging, for the 
most part) is above the waterline. But 
there's a whole lot more to explore. 
So I've been crawling (creeping?) 
through people's gopher holes and it 
s really intriguing. I started with
the new sites since 1999 list on 
Floodgap[2] and then found another 
list of active servers over at:

You should explore. There's so much 

[1] gopher://leveck.us/0/Phlog/20190914.post

[2] gopher://gopher.floodgap.com/1/new