noting that he and his wife

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Slugmax wrote about poor cellular 
noting that he and his wife are "both 
old enough to remember when phone call 
quality did not suck. It all makes me 
tape-based answering machine."[1]

technologies have worsened audio 
quality in comparison to some of the 
old analog technologies we used to 

As for a landline, I didn't want to 
true landline. Nor did I want to pay 
their competitors' VOIP price. So I 
those generic VOIP providers. It 
approximates landline quality (of 
course, that depends on your codec 
talking to someone with a crappy cell 
connection...). I've used a few 
years since then, and my experience 
s, the closer their facilities are to
you, the better. Nothing beats a short 

The other thing that I really like 
about VOIP relates to Slugmax's 
tape-based answering machine. Perhaps 
that was meant in jest, but when I was 
figuring out what equipment I'd need 
to set up my VOIP account, I stumbled 
across a forum where people were 
(or ATA) called the Grandstream HT502. 
out with your rotary phone. Perhaps 
Grandstream's newer ATAs have this 
feature too. I don't know. I bought 
the HT502 and it has been working 
for years.

comments) and an old school answering 
machine. I love that I can hear people 
leaving messages when I'm doing 
away. Sometimes, older really was 
better. And it's stupid cool[2].

Well, sometimes. There's nothing 
especially when all the digits are at 
the high end...

One more thing: one of the most fun 
things about having a rotary phone is 
that people have uploaded all kinds of 
little round cards that you put your 
number on in the center of the dial). 
So your choice of dial cards is almost 

[1] gopher://republic.circumlunar.space/0/%7eslugmax/phlog/2019-08-24-crappy-cellular

[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1zYNrsx9Pw