for some got it in my

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My old Lenovo R500 runs perfectly. But 
for some reason, I got it in my head 
that I needed a new(er) laptop with an 
L440, because it has a socketed CPU, 
future. But like I said, I really 
for buying something I didn't need. 
Karma. Sigh.

first one I ordered was beautiful. It 
that it had ever been used. But it was 
clearly corporate off-lease. It had a 
none of the settings could be changed, 
ncluding the setting to enable
virtualization. I frequently run 
virtual machines, so I sent it back. I 

But I didn't. I get these obsessions 
that must be followed through. I 
ordered another one, this time from 
the U.S. It arrived in good shape. 
There are a few light scratches on the 
outside. The inside is pristine. No 

So then I ordered an IPS screen from a 
new IPS screen. Great colors. 
Spectacular viewing angles.

And one. dead. pixel. Right in the 
middle of the screen. 

So I'm trying to arrange an exchange 

All of these transactions were 
conducted through eBay. I try to avoid 
Amazon as much as possible, but I live 
n a small town, the old mail order
companies (Sears, Eatons, etc.) are 
all gone, and there aren't a lot of 
alternatives. I don't live anywhere 
buy n' sell site, so it's hard to buy 

of bad replacement parts these days. 
lately are really hit and miss, and 
there's a lot of miss. It hasn't 
always been that way.

few private sellers on eBay anymore. 
Almost every seller appears to be a 
merchant. A for sale posting by a 
buying-selling, small-feedback-count 

but I think the high fees really drove 
ndividual sellers away.

        *     *     *