August re all night so one

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**This is a set of phlog entries for 
August 10-12.**

n-laws. They're all night owls, so
one else is up.

We're at a resort and there's no wifi, 
a rare thing. Fortunately, the old 
BlackBerry sips data. I'm kind of 
curious to see how much data a few 
that later.

not from lack of interest, but purely 
owing to the time. The daily events 
never up at that time. I'm a Ben 
Franklin type when it comes to 
morning and I'm looking forward to 
listening to the audio later. Some 
nteresting ideas were presented.
Solene is right. I really need to 
learn Awk. I use it from time to time, 
but I crib it from stack exchange and 
modify. I'd like to know it well 
enough to produce solutions of my own.

We're going to the best thrift store 
around today. I'm looking forward to 
t. Years ago I snagged a Palm IIIxe
and a set of chains for my truck 
there. I could have bought a lot more 
(boxed Win3.1 set, with manuals, $4, 
etc.), but I try to limit myself to 
useful items, and take something back 
to the thrift store for each new thing 
can use it and I don't clutter the 

           *     *     *

Sadly, the greatest thrift shop in the 
area is no longer all that great. It 
used to be a maze of rooms. One was 
full of mechanical stuff; another was 
loaded with electronics; yet another 
few people.

Now, they've taken over several 
adjacent storefronts. They've opened 
the place up. It's bright, spacious 
feeling, and it's been 'discovered'.

little in the way of good stuff. There 
are big wide aisles and almost nothing 
of interest in them.

           *     *     *

So, I'm home again. I've started 
listening to the bitreich conference 
audio, but I'm not too far along. 

n memopad and then did a quick
copy-paste into the texting app, from 
MMS-email gateways are still the 
of my email to my text messages. It 
to my account) and allows me to avoid 
connecting to my email account with 
the really old TLS on my phone. The 
account *will* sync with the phone, 
but I don't think it's a good idea.