of my own The renovation foreseeabl

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And now, from the local news file...

of my own design. The renovation 
foreseeable future. However, I know 
that I will really enjoy the new 
bathroom and office when they are 
Who knows?

all things, but I like this community 
and find the departures disconcerting. 
Of course, new people arrive and make 
thing. In any case, if you're reading 
this kvothe, farewell to the dial tone 
and godspeed!

Last week, I decided to join Mastodon, 
and began looking around at various 
nstances. I knew where some of you
those places, only to find that 
thought that joining that community 
might be a quirky thing to do, if 
they'd have me, but then without a 
fellow phlogger there, I 

A day later, pkotrcka phlogged about 
and open a new one over at 

at fosstodon, since the local feed has 
news from a number of projects that 
nterest me. I'm not sure whether I'll
maintain that presence or not. My 
track record with social media is not 
accounts down, because the nature of 
the conversations does not interest 
me. But we'll see. Maybe Mastodon will 
be different.

Blackbird finally arrived and that 
t's working after the initial RAM

Lastly, a new (to me) laptop is on the 
ThinkPad R500, with most of the 
SSD, etc.). It's still very capable, 
but the screen has always been it's 
because there are only TN panels 
available. Higher resolution doesn't 
angles are still terrible.

So I ended up buying a ThinkPad L440. 
expensive (and thinner) equivalent of 
the T440p favoured by most modders, in 
that you can still upgrade the 
that generation. I plan to throw my 
current SSD in it and upgrade the 
The other upgrades can happen slowly, 
as I feel like spending money on it. I 
kind of enjoy doing that sort of thing 

Well, that's it. Time for breakfast 
and another day of renovating. Take 
care, gopherites!

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