looking back into the details of

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Today, I read Tomasino's update on 

looking back into the details of 
Tomasino's move and since then I've 
been spelunking through the depths of 
you haven't dug into the Tomasino 
archives, I highly recommend it.

Gopher is definitely a form of 
asynchronous communication and I don't 
think it gets any more asynchronous 
than this. I stumbled across a phlog 
Tomasino discussed the impact of a TV 

not knowing the characters. I remember 
n to watch it. It's hard to believe
that my parents let me watch the show 
at that age, but they did. I watched 
t as I grew up and after it ended in
Then, when we went to Maui in May, it 
to watch it again. Since then, I've 
been re-watching it online, from the 

When I think about where I got my 
values, that show had a major impact. 
Hawkeye Pierce (perhaps minus the 
as Tommy Douglas, Jesus Christ, or my 
Grandmother. I will never be a 
militarist. I will always be cynical. 
feel trapped in a situation not quite 
of my own choosing....

That outlook, I think, stems from 
those M*A*S*H scripts and hours of 
exposure to the ideas of whoever was 
university, I learned many things, but 
analytical, and humanitarian outlook 
fostered by the social commentary at 
the heart of M*A*S*H was as 
anything I read for my classes.

Somewhere, in some phlog entry, 
Tomasino mentioned Joseph Campbell and 
true." I think I would add that when 
t comes to our personal experiences,
all myths are equal. We each carry a 
ethics absorbed unintentionally from 
every bit as strong as the 'official' 
mainstream mythologies (be they 
otherwise) foisted upon us by our 

Tomasino's universe of saints includes 
Ed, Marilyn, Shelly and Holling. That 
of way. For me, it's Saint Sherman, 
Saint Radar, and Saint Margaret. Amen.

By the way, if you're too young and 
you haven't watched M*A*S*H or 
Northern Exposure, holy hell you're 
lucky. Start watching! 

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