Sometime around Christmas last Nextc

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Sometime around Christmas last year, I 
a Nextcloud server. I shut that server 
out-of-date server, but I disagree 
completely with Nextcloud's decision 
and I no longer trust them to respect 
my privacy.

Since then, I've been making use of 
BlackBerry Desktop to sync my work 
laptop and my phone (an old Bold 9900) 
offline (via bluetooth). That 
approach. But I am still interested in 
my calendar, contacts, notes, and 
files, and to facilitate small-scale 
to 'upgrade' my phone.

A replacement for those Nextcloud 
originally using a Zero W, but 
experienced VOIP latency issues, 
Raspbian Lite installation.

Here is the software I am using to 

*File storage -- WebDav

*Calendar and contacts -- Radicale

*Notes -- Joplin (which makes use of 

*IM -- Prosody (XMPP)

*Private Phone Network -- Asterisk


Several of the instruction pages below 
might seem to be out of date, but they 
version of raspian-stretch-lite.

WebDav. It's amazingly responsive and 
Ghost Commander plugin no longer 
touch. I followed these instructions 
to install:

Radicale. I installed version 1.1 from 
the repository rather than the more up 
to date version available through 
nstructions are here:

Joplin. It allows you to store your 
notes on your WebDav server. Configure 
the Joplin client to sync the notes to 
a subdirectory in your webdav folder. 
There is an option to encrypt the 
files as well.

s simple to set up and runs
flawlessly. The official documentation 
s great, which I might say is a

Asterisk was fairly simple to set up. 
experiencing significant latency, but 
t was my own fault. Sometimes, I
gnore recommendations when I don't
like them. In this case, the solution 
the way. WiFi is your enemy with VOIP. 
Check out this old (and super simple) 
configuration guide:

The only change I made was to disable 
all codecs in /etc/asterisk/sip.conf 
(this is the head, or beginning, of 
the file):



Doing this seems to have eliminated 

[1] Here's the reddit thread through 
    which I learned about this issue:

    You can read Nextcloud's 
    assessment of what happened here: