So my wife and were sitting

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Rain and Drunk Gardening

So my wife and I were sitting out on 
the back porch, having a few beers and 
the sun came out. That's when she had 
a sudden inspiration: "Let's finish 

My wife has the best bad ideas!

We're way behind with the planting. 
After the trip to Maui, we decided to 
of work. The new garden spot is 
on the wall, so I dug it all out and 
Anyways, that project (and a couple of 
others) set us back even more.

So we grabbed our beers, the seeds, 
and a few tools, and set off for the 
carrots, radishes, beans, and lettuce. 
While we were working the sun set, and 
by the time we finished it was pretty 

*look* like drunk people planted them! 
We were really umm... creative with 
the placement. The rows go in all 
them along the planting lines, but 
that's what I had to do today. I'm not