Gopher Restyled on my GMX ll

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~visiblink/phlog/20190613

Gopher Restyled on my GMX share. I 
you'll probably want to update to the 

For some reason, the Android theme 
and menus, but the text in the 
textview (where the gopher content is 
background, which meant that the 
contrast wasn't great. A little bit of 
over-riding the text settings for the 
textview window, so now the text is 
much whiter and the contrast is a bit 
easier on the eyes.

and re-wired almost every room in the 
a real difficulty, because it's an old 
Given the age of the place (100-ish), 
the existing bathroom is rather small 
and my wife has long wished for 
turning one of the bedrooms into a 
bathroom. During construction, we'll 
nto a small study/extra bedroom.

expected and all the permits are 
approved. But I ran into an 
nteresting snag. My local landfill no
longer accepts pre-1990 drywall unless 
t has been double-bagged in 6-mil
asbestos. While that's the law, none 
of the local building supply stores 
online. Strange, huh? I suspect that 
there are an awful lot of false 
landfill about the age of the drywall 
being dropped off. I can't bring 
myself to do that. While I'm not 
asbestos exposure, the employees at 
the landfill are exposed on a daily 
basis and that's a serious issue.

for government employees who do this 
kind of work, and I'm a former coal 
miner, so I have some experience with 

But I'm still waiting on those bags to 
arrive. I don't care for delays, but 
vacation, so that -- hopefully -- the 
out of the way by the time I have a