morning that seemed to me to

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morning that seemed to me to be one more piece of evidence 
of a disturbing trend in recent years. The article discusses 
the case of a Quebec comedian who repeatedly ridiculed a 

The subtleties of the legal case were not what concerned me. 
appearances. I used to watch Seth Meyers, for example. But 
between the policy critique in his segments, Meyers 
their appearances. I know nothing about Eric Trump. Meyers 
a regular feature of "A Closer Look." Likewise, John Oliver 
often takes shots at the subjects of his stories based on 
their physical appearance. I may or may not like those 
comment on their appearance.

To me, that's crossing a line. While we all have the 
capacity to change our values, principles and beliefs as we 
learn and adapt, there's not much we can do about our 
conscious decision and can be altered), but I can't abide 
the ridiculing and humiliation of people based on their 
appearance. So this trend has been bothering me. I've 

Then this morning, as I drove to work, it occurred to me 
that the reason that these comments on appearances bother me 
criticized. Because they're like me. I hate that my ability 
to empathize is that limited, but apparently it is.

forever. Female politicians and executives, for example, can 
expect to have their appearances commented upon. Likewise, 
appearance throughout history.

What's happening today is the democratization of 
t and I hope you don't either. Maybe -- in a completely
unintended way -- it will make more of us empathize and 

And like I said, I'm saddened that it took this long for me 
to see it the way that I now do.

[1] https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/quebec-comic-mike-ward-in-court-defending-joke-about-disabled-singer