The boring one is that the

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Haven't phlogged much lately, for two reasons. 

The boring one is that it's the busy season at work. 
Fortunately, that's done now.

The more interesting one is that I was learning the inner 
a bit.

can't figure them out. So the past week was one of those 

The goal was to get my data out of the cloud, as much as 
ncluding eGroupWare, Horde, and Nextcloud. I managed to get
eGroupWare running, but it wasn't quite what I wanted. Horde 
years back. So I'm not surprised. The last option was 

Nextcloud took me down the rabbit hole. I could get it set 
up and running, but could not get it to work with SSL. I'm 
/etc/ and thought I'd start over. 

Here's a hint: don't ever do that. Nothing works at all 
afterward. The only way I was able to fix it was to 
again. That wasn't really enough, either. There were still 
error messages galore. So I had to purge all of the programs 
that were throwing errors and reinstall them too.

Back in the day, I first learned my way around linux using a 
nstalled programs you found yourself ldd'ing your way
through dependency hell. That's what it's like after you 
been better to just 'apt-get purge' the fuck out of things, 
but you know... you live and learn. 

Anyways, the many cycles of install-purge-reinstall got me 
there. I learned about apache config files, a little about 
.htaccess files (Note to the Nextcloud people: who the hell 
by default? Just saying). There was also an opportunity to 
figure out how to skirt my ISP's port blocking by forwarding 
through obscure ports.... and I finally learned how to alias 
my server's domain name to the local IP on the router. Small 

So anyways.... it would seem that my calendar, contacts, and 
notes are coming out of big data's clutches and moving to my 
little home server.