little doing and learned some new

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On scripts and cronjobs....

little doing and I learned some new things.

after the #!/bin/bash

The line is:

now, because I made a number of changes) was add a line at
the top of my crontab, so that it would execute the script
using bash rather than sh. So I'm told anyways.

That line is: 


cron *may* not play well with scripts with an extension, so

My Thoughts on HPCs, Operating Systems, etc.

Jynx over at the Raspberry Pi of Death mentioned that he
never connected with Windows CE. I get that. Some OS's feel
better than others. I really liked the hardware and design
of the HPC devices. The OS was never much of a draw. I
But Windows CE always seemed clunky ... every response was a
little delayed and the whole experience seemed .... I can't
think of a word better than 'cheap'. Oddly, a snappy
much-maligned OS's: Windows 3.1 and BlackBerry OS 7.1 (the
final, polished versions are actually very responsive).

One of the secretaries refused to give up her Wordperfect 
for DOS (she knew all the keyboard shortcuts) and forced the 

As for OS design, I liked webOS the most. The gestures and
the material design (before Duarte made up the word) just
made sense. When you use it, it feels so natural.

On my laptops, I've always liked the simplest designs.
Today, I run a customized version of LXDE, designed to look
like Gnome 2. I suppose sometime I'll have to switch to LXQT 
or XFCE, but I hope that LXDE is retained through one more 
version of Debian.