and FAX SEX among and intrigued

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Solderpunk's, and FAX SEX among them) and I'm intrigued by
the political nature of what's going on here. Let me be
clear that I don't mean political in the sense of
nation-state politics, with their mindless cliquey 
tribalism, superficiality, personality cults, and power 
and ethically determining how we organize ourselves and 

least one member was banned, for reasons that did not seem
the SDF sometimes acts arbitrarily with respect to changes
n service provision[1].

Those comments parallel my experiences with a forum
(crackberry.com) where I was a contributing member for
years. I eventually moved my content elsewhere for a few
nformational threads that I maintained; the site moderators
arbitrarily moved the major thread that most users visited
on a regular basis (with thousands of posts) to an
"Off-Topic" forum, because we sometimes strayed off topic,
though the majority of the commentary was definitely
on-topic; and the terms of service changed, explicitly
option was to walk away, because the site is proprietary,
ts purpose is obviously commercial (there's a community,
but its needs are clearly secondary to those of the
enterprise), and the general response to critical scrutiny
be upset about the experience. I should not have had high 
expectations with respect to what my membership in that 
community meant.

and the language it uses with respect to free software and 
community in its mission statement[2]. Hierarchy and the 
assertion of control seem incongruous with the stated 

other organizations. My interest is in the response.

Some of you have responded to the situation by setting up
your own servers and creating your own sites. It's a logical
factions would separate and reform into new groups with new
leadership. Group re-fusion would also take place, with
various fragments of previous groups forming new

What's happening within this UNIX-verse (can I call it
that?) seems explicitly political in nature. Solderpunk has

One of the questions that occurs to me (because I'm in the
nvite people to join it, yet refuse them any sovereign
answer to that question is yes.

Another challenge created by group fissioning is to maintain
connection despite the separation. Federation (a very
connections. Which brings up an interesting question. Do the
that was involved in some form of illegal activity)? I'm
curious and will have to look into it.
dea of "outposts" could serve a purpose, but as he has
mentioned, he retains a level of control over the creation
of those spaces, because he controls the distribution of
elsewhere in his blog, the use of a brand name like "tilde"
occur[7]. I guess the most anarchic solution (in the proper,
own server and federated? Again, I'm not sure and I don't
know what that would do to the sense of community.

Rather than re-inventing the wheel on these issues, I think
ssues before. There are benevolent (maybe that's too kind)
there are community-governed projects, complete with a

Maybe I'll report back. Maybe I won't. There's freedom in
this Zaibatsu! Until there isn't lol ;)

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