outdoor It snowed the other day

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Well, it's adventure time for me!

outdoor furniture. It snowed the other day (and then melted
away) and winter is very close.

Afterwards, I started learning to set up a server. I have a
ThinkPad X120e laptop running Windows that I use for working
(BlackBerry phones in particular). Otherwise, it sits in the
basement collecting dust, since it's quite small (11.6") and
fairly underpowered (AMD E-350 CPU). 

VPS with 128MB of RAM! So I've installed Virtualbox with a
Debian netinstall. Right now, it has Apache2 and pygopherd
on it and both are working on my home network. In order to

need to decide whether to buy a domain name or just use the
name, just to keep things consistent over time. Free dynamic
DNS providers seem to come and go.

There are a few more things to set up before the server is
live and accessible from the outside world. The laptop needs
a static IP on my internal network and port forwarding has
to be set up on the router. But that's it.

anything about securing a server), so if it turns out that I
lead and sign up for a VPS, which would help to isolate any
catastrophic events somewhere in a server room far away.

Of course, that will depend on the function of the server,
and I still haven't decided what that will be....