questions His blog suggesting that

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~visiblink/phlog/20181109

questions (I'm kidding!). His blog suggesting that we all
consider hosting some free service has me thinking. I'm sure
that I will do it. The question is what. So I'm going to
think out loud here and consider the alternatives.
Solderpunk's list included "webspace, gopherspace, email,
ncluding hosting an AIM server (I recently learned that
all the old clients), a webOS Preware repository, an RSS
feed service, a forum of some kind, a reddit replacement
that's not VOAT, a listserv host, or a usenet server.

One of the things that concerns me is what users might do

Speaking of usenet, I've been trying to get back into it for
the last few months (via eternal-september.org), but it's
and contention. The guy at ymodem.org wrote a phlog post
about closing comments on websites and his views on the low
barriers to commenting seem reasonable (i.e., that if it's
easy to comment, the comments are not as thoughtful).
enjoyed my return to usenet. I think the ymodem.org guy is
onto something. Gopher seems to attract the kind of people

Anyways, if you have any other suggestions on what I might
(dot) com. No guarantees that I'll accept your suggestions
though! Whatever I do, I'll have to be interested in
maintaining it.

More another day. My wife made pizza dough (it had to sit in
the fridge for two days... talk about slow food) and I'm
being summoned to grate cheese and cut toppings.