Thrift Store Finds I like

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Thrift Store Finds     04/22/22
I like to stop by thrift stores when traveling, and as I finally took the family on a road trip 
recently, I had a change to visit a few. Retro tech is getting more and more rare in thrift stores, 

Didn't find much that I wanted to cart home, but I did pick up two items that I'm happy about:

1. An iPazzPort mini touchpad/keyboard. Came with everything, in the original blister-back setup. 
   Not new, but everything was there. Got it home and cleaned it up, charged the BL-5C Li-on 
   battery up and tried it out. No dice... the little battery light was flashing. I happen to have
   one more device in the house that uses a BL-5C battery, so I tried a swap, but still no luck.
   With nothing to lose, I opened it up, and immediately spotted two SMD resistors that were popped 
   off at one end (there's not much on the back of the pcb, so they stood out!) Gently pushed them
   down into place and applied the tip of a soldering iron to the ends... and presto! The thing
   worked right away. I'll probably use this for a Pi project, or eventually in that cyberdeck that
   I want to build... Paid about $3.

2. Also scored an Alphasmart 3000. Great condition, everything works (well, I didn't test that odd 
   "printer port" that they have on there.) From the Alpine School District, Alpine, AZ. The kind of
   remote place that would still have these lying around! I have no use for this thing, but since I 
   have an Alphasmart Dana, I figured I'd add it to the collection. Paid about $5.

Wish I had more to report about the thrift stores, but I really only got to visit a few, and nothing 
insane happened that comes immediately to mind. It was fun though!