RFI and laptops So,ve

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~tfurrows/phlog/2022-04-22_RFILaptop.txt

RFI and laptops                                                                             04/22/22
So, I've been using the old Lenovo T410 as my ham radio laptop recently. It works great. But the 
other day I was gifted a T440p, i7 with 16g of ram and a 500g SSD. Upgrade! Or so I thought...

Turns out, the T440p can't keep the RF interference out. With the T410, I can do what I need to in 
JS8Call or Winlink, but the moment I set the T440p in the exact same location, and attempt the exact 
same things, CAT control cuts out from RFI. I have to drop way down to 5w to get a transmission out, 
and even then it's questionable.

I guess not all things are equal here. And not all things are better inside the T440p vs. the T410.

Time to approach the wife and ask her if she'd prefer the T440p to her old aluminum-cased Macbook 
Air. Much larger drive, more ram, and she's already on Linux anyway! I have this idea in my head 
that the macbook will resist the RFI more readily...