Connecting the wrong sounds I

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Connecting the wrong sounds 02/22/22
I reached in the fridge  and took out a carton of almond milk. I was  going to have some cereal, you
see, a  mix of raisin  bran and rice  Chex... with the fridge door still swinging  slowly  opened, I
looked over at the bowl and gave the carton a shake.


At the very moment  when I shook the carton, the  fridge door ran into a half-full  20lb bag of rice
that I  had sitting on the  floor nearby (I  hadn't gotten around to  putting it away... for  like a
week.) Of course, I didn't  realize this right away; my brain had connected  that sound (it was near
enough) with the shaking of  the milk carton, and so I jumped out of my  skin a little and stared at
the carton in my hands to see what in the world was wrong with it.

Perhaps there  is a name for  this sort of  thing. There should be.  This isn't' the first  time it's
happened, just the most recent  example. From time to time this happens to  me, when I do something,
and the resultant sound  isn't what I expect. It's alarming and disorienting.  It can make the world
feel alien, all in a moment.

Is it a big deal? Nah, it's just one of  those little things that I experience as I go through life.
Barely worth mentioning at all,  really. And that's why I thought to write  it down here. Because in
gopherspace, I never feel like I can't write something small.

Have an awesome March friends, I hope you encounter something that makes you jump out of your skin a
little, and feel alive.