Rebooting things Well,I lost

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Rebooting things 05/25/21
Well, I lost about a year of phlog entries, because I hadn't
put my backups in order and I had a snafu.

I'm  not upset,  as gopher  is just  a place  for me  to get
things out of my head, and  connect with the world in a way.
Much of what I write  is just moments. A little disappointed
perhaps, but not upset.

On the  positive side,  this is  a wonderful  opportunity to
reboot my  gopher participation, and it  happens to coincide
with  the  deletion of  my  mastodon  account. That  doesn't
matter a ton, because I  was barely active on mastodon. But,
it matters a  little, because I was spending  some amount of
time scrolling (I shudder as I say it) through that content,
instead of *reading* on gopher.

So, this  little snafu is  really just an opportunity  for a
reboot, and I'm going to take it. No particular expectations
of myself, just  minor alterations in habit.  I fully expect
those minor alterations will be pleasant.