Gopher video game zaibatsu.circumlunar.

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~tfurrows/phlog/2020-04-29_gopherVideoGame.txt

Gopher video game (zaibatsu.circumlunar.space), 04/29/2020
If you haven't already heard about it, make sure to check 
out the latest Gopher-themed video game[1]. The only gopher-
themed video game?

From the page:

   Keep a gopher network alive in a post-apocalyptic 
   wasteland - your community will thank you for it.

   How to Play

   Click around with the mouse to move and interact with 

   To expand the gopher network, find the antenna masts on 
   the surface and point them at a signal source. The 
   indicator will tell you if you're getting close to the 

   You can only spend a few minutes above ground because of 
   the radiation, so make sure you hurry back to your 

Right now it's just a few small tasks, but hey, it's a 
*gopher* video game, so it's worth looking at.

[1] https://hyperlinkyourheart.itch.io/gophers