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Box of memories (zaibatsu.circumlunar.space), 04/14/2020
Grabbed a box from the garage yesterday, marked "Harrys 
Memories." Harry was my grandfather, who passed away a 
couple years ago.

It was filled with treasures.

One of these was a tintype photo (a picture on metal plate) 
from 1845. A 175 year old photo, easily the oldest photo in 
my possession. Did some research online and found out that 
it was a photo of my fathers mothers mothers mothers 
mother... my 3rd great grandmother I think they called it. I 
can't remember now, but in any case, it was a direct line 
relative on my father's side.

I suppose I should post a scan of it to gopher, but I'm on a 
tablet in my living room right now.

The cool thing about this photo was, it connected a whole 
line to my family tree that I didn't know about. I who this 
woman's daughter was (my 2nd great grandmother?), but I 
didn't know her parents. Now I do, and that linked up a 
bunch of other stuff. I've never been able to do that 

It was an adventure.

I also found lots of military docs from WWI and WWII. My 
grandfather was in the Marine Corps in WWII, my grandfather 
was in the Air Force in WWI and WWII.

Another interesting find was an estate appraisal and 
accounting for Samuel A Hart, my 3rd great granduncle. Or 
was it 6th great granduncle? Anyway, someone's estate 
valuation. He owned lots of property and stocks, etc. I ran 
it through an inflation calculator online and it totalled 
2.3mil in today's dollars. He died in 1926; if he had died 
any later, that estate probably would have suffered greatly 
in the Depression...

I have no idea why that document was in this box, but it did 
help verify a relation, which is interesting in and of 

On a more serious note, my grandfather was adopted, and his 
birth mother wrote some letters to his adoptive mother. 
Those letters were in there. She gave the story of her 
pregnancy at 16 and his birth. It was pretty raw, I choked 
up reading it. She was quite alone in her experience, no one 
explained anything to her. She didn't even know where babies 
came from until one came out of her. Even while in labor, no 
one told her what was going on. How horrible. Man, my life 
is easy.

There were also a lot of family letters from my dad and his 
siblings, and from my granddmother and grandfather on that 
side. They had a lot of problems. I knew that, but it's 
different reading their words, very different. That was 
pretty rough to read too, which is odd considering almost 
all of them have already passed. Still, I knew these people 
growing up, but never knew about their pain.

I look forward to going through the rest of that box, and 
getting to another. When my grandfather passed, I basically 
ransacked his house looking for documents and photos. I just 
haven't had time to really go through them in detail yet.