genesis Why did I make

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~tfurrows/phlog/0_folders.txt

genesis   -  Why did I make this? I can't recall, really.
             At this point I think it will contain new ideas
             as they come to me, things that are quite new
             to me.

stasis    -  Here you will find phlog posts and ideas that
             are no longer new, but aren't quite old yet.
             They will be things that are simply existing.
             The phlog folder will filter to this place.

apocalypse - After stasis, and in antithesis with the
             genesis folder, is this place. It is a place
             for old thoughts to exercise their One Civil
             Right. It is a place where things go to die,
             but where they're not quite dead yet.

umbra      - Circumlunar stations will inevitably pass 
             through the shadow of the moon. Grex seems to 
             be passing through the darkness, so the phlogs
             that would have lived there need a place to
             reside for the time being. This is that place.