Things ve been doing lately

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Things I've been doing lately

I haven't phlogged for the last couple of days, in part because I haven't had so
much free time but also in part because so much has been happening in the
phlogosphere lately that I should respond to that I feel a bit overwhelmed at
the prospect of starting.

Some things I've been doing instead with my little snatches of computer time:

* Still *reading* all the phlogs, of course.  I think perhaps I do this *too*
  often.  Jandal's recent post[1] on internet addiction hit a little close to

* Goofing around changing my SDF homepage (http://solderpunk.sdf.org).  Aside
  from linking to the VF-1 GitHub I haven't actually added new content, it's
  been purely cosmetic and just for fun.

* Playing with the 'happenings' and 'oneliner' commands on SDF.  You know those
  strange things that BBOARD says when you press enter too much?  Those are
  output from 'oneliner', and you can add your own new lines to the random pile.
  Every SDF user reading this, go add at least one line now!  This is a fun,
  easy and anonymous way to make a small, concrete contribution to the flavour
  of the whackier side of the SDF community.

[1] gopher://grex.org:70/0/~jandal/phlog/im-on-the-internet