The Three Questions of Tomasino

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The Three Questions of Tomasino

Tomasino has asked us these questions three[1] (very deliberate use
throughout this post of slightly archaic language to increase the
chances of everybody imagining the questions being read in Tomasino's
"dungeon master" voice from his CYOA radio show!).

1. Name one film that everyone should see at least once.

Fight Club.  There are films that I personally enjoy more, and
certainly have seen more often, but if I'm prescribing something to
"everyone" then maybe Fight Club's message is something I'd consider
it slightly more pressing to get into many people's consciousness
than, say, the "what does it mean to be human?" ponderings of e.g.
Bladerunner.  The question stipulates "at least once", but I think
Fight Club is best watched at least twice.

2. Name one book everyone should read at least TWICE.

Well, it's a bit of a cop-out as I've already done a lot to promote
this book in gopherspace, but what the hell.  Bruce Sterling's
Schismatrix is an under-appreciated bit of sci-fi which is IMHO more
than readable enough to get through twice, and is actually probably
worth reading more than once because the second time through you can
spend a bit more effort trying to follow the various plot developments
and focus instead on the broader human themes of ambition and aging.

3. Name one song everyone should listen to at least once a year.

Pink Floyd's "Time", for a frequent reminder to start running before
it's too late.

[1] gopher://gopher.black:70/1/phlog/20190330-fun-questions