ROOPHLOCH round up October is

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ROOPHLOCH 2020 round up

October is here, meaning September is gone, and thus the second ever
Remote Off-Grid Outdoor Phlogging Challenge has come to a close.
Thank you to everybody who participated!  As per last year[1], I have
compiled a list[2] of all the qualifying entries I am aware of.  If I
have missed your ROOPHLOCH post, please let me know via email!

There were 8 ROOPHLOCH posts this year - half as many as the inaugural
event, but I guess the Covid pandemic explains part of that, with many
people surely being either less able or less willing to get outside
for fun.

I'm pretty disappointed that I didn't actually end up participating
myself this year!  September turned out to be an extremely busy and
stressful month for me, as I have started preparing, yet again, for
another overseas move (thankfully, this one looks set to be the last
one for basically as long as I'd like).  All this extra mental load
appeared at the same time that I had already started taking deliberate
steps to dedicate less of my time to computing, and these factors
conspired to make it far too easy to put things like this off.  Toward
the end of the month I tried to rally for a final effort, only to find
that, for some reason, at some point since I last used it, my little
eeePC's AC adapter died, the battery had run down and I couldn't
charge it back up, leaving my most portable "real computer" out of
action.  Everything seemed to be against me!  Next year I think I'll
start practicing in August to be sure of a triumphant return.

[1] gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/1/~solderpunk/roophloch/2019
[2] gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/1/~solderpunk/roophloch/2020