Musical rodents There is music

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~solderpunk/phlog/musical-rodents.txt

Musical rodents

There is music on gopher.  Not heaps, but more than one might expect.  I've
long known that jynx[1] has a few of his own songs available from the root of
his gopherhole.  During the great SDF phlog listing disaster of 2018, I visited
a few old gopherholes and phlogs I otherwise wouldn't have, and found a
gopherhole on SDF associated with "Higher living records", which had a handful
of tracks[2].  Using Veronica, I realised that Yin Feng has quite a bit of music
available too[3].

I think this is quite nice, and so I've made sure that if you have mpg123 and
ogg123 installed, VF-1 will work well with the majority of this music.  Of
course, it's not a super smooth experience.  The entire mp3 or ogg file is
downloaded to a temp file first, and *then* it's played.  If the file is large
or the server is slow, there will be a very noticable delay before you hear

I also put a little bit of music in my own gopherhole[4].  Mostly, it's the
self-titled album by "God Ate My Homework".  GAMH[5] were a cheesy low-fi
student band in the late 90s who were one of the first bands to give all their
music away for free online.  I somehow discovered their music probably sometime
around 2000.  The music itself is nothing special at all, but I enjoyed their
silly song lyrics, many of which revolve around late 90s/early 00s internet
culture (e.g. the song "I Saw Bill Gates on IRC").  After I originally
downloaded this album, I lost it at some point.  Occasionally some random
coindicdence would remind me of them, and I'd do a Google to see if I could find
any trace of them.  Nothing.  But after enough years had passed, one day I did
the search and suddenly there was a page for them at archive.org, and everything
avilable as mp3 or ogg.  The internet rarely forgets forever.

Anybody else want to share any really obscure music on port 70?

I became a MetaARPA SDF member a week back or so, which means now I can run cron
jobs on SDF.  I'm tempted to write a daily script to put the most recent episode
of every aNONradio show in my gopherhole, just for fun.  Feel free to beat me to
this, if you are keen.

[1] gopher://gopher.leveck.us:70/1/
[2] gopher://sdf.org:70/1/users/soolmaan/higherlivingrecords
[3] gopher://tomatobodhi.twilightparadox.com:70/1/music
[4] gopher://sdf.org:70/1/users/solderpunk/files/music/
[5] https://archive.org/details/iuma-god_ate_my_homework