Coffee promises and responses s

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Coffee promises and responses

There's been quite a bit of coffee nerdery floating around the phlogosphere
lately[1,2,3,probably more].  I am going to write a very length entry in
response to this on the weekend when I can sit down and sink some time in it.
There will be a little bit of content in there that is actually about coffee,
but mostly it will be ruminations on the nature of connoisseurship.  Because
heaven forbid I respond straightforwardly to a simple question about coffee.

Kroovy recently wrote a nice post[4] which expresses a few opinions and
perspectives I share.  I don't at all buy the connection of any of this stuff to
communism vs capitalism, and I'm insufficiently interested in that alleged
connection to explain why I don't.  But I am 100% on board with a call to arms
for people to make the computing world better by ignoring the siren songs of
lifestyles and instead building better tools, and to embrace minimalism in
computing, for a lot of reasons.  Maybe I should write a post about that this
weekend too, afterall it's exactly the kind of thing this phlog alleges to be

Defanor (who, argh, has written even more since I last visited his gopherhole.
Following his excellent phlog is going to be the reason I eventually set up a
moku-pona feed for myself) wrote not so recently[5] about how he has done away
with passwords for his mailserver, and downloads mail, I guess in a way akin to
POP3, to his computer directly over SSH.  He pushes mail to be sent to the
server in the same way, so his whole email experience is pasword free and
secured entirely using SSH keys.  This is the most interesting tech related
thing I've read in a while.  It seems obvious and trivial in hindsight, but
I've literally never heard of anybody doing it, and upon first exposure to
the idea it comes across as pure genius.

Major thanks to everybody who tuned into the first episode of Half Hour of Powr
last night!!!

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