Circumlunar updates II Some quick

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Circumlunar updates II

Some quick announcements of vaguely recent goings on in the
circumlunar universe:

Firstly, at long last there is an official circumlunar FAQ[1].  I
started writing this a long time ago, around the time that the
Republic was founded and many other pubnix projects were taking off.
Back then I felt that it would be a good idea to have some kind of
manifesto-esque explanation of how CS is envisaged to work and, just
as importantly, *why* it works that way.  I wrote most of it but got
stuck on something and then, somehow, it sat untouched for half a
year.  I've finally finished it off.  The overall tone is much more
relaxed and informal than I probably originally imagined, and much
more so than just about everything else I write (I have been rapidly
ingesting old Rivendell Readers[2] lately and I think Grant's writing
style has had some probably non-permanent influence), so hopefully
it's not a chore to read.

Secondly, the Zaibatsu has a new policy in place designed to stop the
limit of 32 users from combining with the inevitable fact that some
users will drift away over time to mean that we eventually end up
with a much smaller number of users.  If somebody doesn't update their
gopherhole for more than one calendar year, their account may be
deemed "inactive" and moved off the front page and into a dedicated
menu for inactive accounts[3].  Their gopher content is not deleted,
is not changed, and remains accessible from precisely the same URLs:
it just sort of gets "put in the attic".  At the same time, room for
one additional account is considered to be opened up, so fresh blood
can flow in.  Maybe, over time, this process will stabilise if we end
up with 32 dedicated and active users in it for the long haul.
Probably not, but maybe.  Anyway, so far this has happened exactly
once, but the next slot may open up in about a week (I say "may"
because in the case of people who signed up before this policy was in
place, I will give them advance notice and some people may decide to
start actively maintaining their space again), so if you'd like to
become a Zaibatsu sundog, let me know.  First come, first serve.  Of
course, there is plenty of room available at the Republic RIGHT NOW.

Finally, in my latest attempt to tilt at windmills, I have written a
"highly opinionated" webserver in Go.  It's called shizaru[4], and
it's very selective about what it will serve.  If a simple file
extension to MIME type conversion results in a blacklist match, the
file won't be served - with the default configuration, no javascript,
no Flash.  Based on the MIME type, file size limits are imposed -
text/plain files can be arbitrarily large, other text/* files can be
1MiB, all other files can be 32KiB.  Files with type text/html are
parsed and will not be served if they contain forbidden tags