Assorted replies and acknowledgements Some

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Assorted replies and acknowledgements

Some quick replies/acks:

Tfurrows mentioned his extreme interest in my recent Z80 hacking[1], which I
completely missed at the time, as part of me doing a crappy job of keeping up
with non-SDF phlogs during the holiday period.  Sorry!  My previous phlog entry
(pseudonymity woes) is very relevant to your request for more details, but
wasn't actually written in direct response.  However, I'll try to email you
sometime soon with some details, please feel very free to poke me if I forget.

pet84rik[2] is a relative newcomer to the phlogosphere who has expressed
surprise at people reading his phlog.  Jandal and Tfurrows have reassured him
that they do indeed, to encourage him to keep it up, so I am joining that group.
Pet84rik, not only am I reading your phlog now that I'm paying attention to
Bongusta again, but we share a lot of hobbies/interests, including fountain
pens, mechanical watches and film photography, so it's good to see you here!

There has been some discussion in the past two day about archiving 2017's phlog
posts.  Slugmax[3] has taken great care to avoid breaking any links, which is to
be commended.  Tomasino[4] offers up the following:

> My personal stance on this one is that gopher is fast and text lists are easy
> to navigate. Why archive? Just let the list grow!

This is pretty much how I feel, I never considered the possibility of archiving
until I read about others doing it.  If anybody thinks they have compelling
counterarguments to Tomasino's philosophy I would be curious to hear them, but
for now I am a follower.

[1] gopher://grex.org:70/0/~tfurrows/phlog/2017/aca_welcomeback.txt
[2] gopher://sdf.org:70/1/users/pet84rik/
[3] gopher://sdf.org:70/0/users/slugmax/phlog/welcome-2018
[4] gopher://sdf.org:70/1/users/tomasino/phlog/20180101-archives