Assorted replies and acknowledgements ve

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Assorted replies and acknowledgements

I've been a little quiet lately, but rest assured you won't be rid of me that
easily an I'm still around.  After writing lots of very long entires in a short
span of time it's been nice to relax a bit and focus my spare time on something
else.  I've had some wonderfully productive hardware hacking sessions of late.
I've still been reading everything that happens in my part of Gopherspace,

FAX Sex has returned after a brief hiatus[0].  Welcome back, Cat!  You have
been missed.

Jynx, I can't now find where you mentioned this to link to it, although I'm
sure I saw it a few days ago, but anyway, you certainly haven't alienated *me*
 with your metaphysics or with anything else, I've just been lying low.  Phlog

Ze Libertine Gamer wrote far more succinctly and accessibly than I ever did
about a simplified, sustainable life[1].  If you skimmed some of my literal
mountains of text and thought the idea vaguely interesting but did not have
the fortitude for a complete and detailed traversal (and I could hardly blame
you) you owe it to yourself to read his version.  I think I endorse everything
in it.

While many of us are spilling bytes talking about this kind of lifestyle,
somebody else in Gopherspace appears to be actually living it, or at least
something close to it,  At "Bits and Bytes"[2], SDF user melton writes about
solar power, well water, gardening (including use of a scythe): genuine hybrid
timeline stuff happening there.  I look forward to making the time to trawl
through their back catalgoue.

[0] gopher://sdf.org:70/0/users/cat/phlog/fs20171108.txt
[1] gopher://zelibertinegamer.me:70/0/phlog/2017-10-30_1214.txt
[2] gopher://sdf.org:70/1/users/melton/phlog