Here are some lovely recipes which

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 ~Shufei’s Recipes~
Here are some lovely recipes which you might enjoy.  Most of them
will be ones I’ve taken to discovering or augmenting per my own
fancy.  If any come from others, they shall be thusly notated.
 ~Stirfry or Sautée~

Pottàge du Pauvres

Whilst sucking on a dollop of masochism, drag the morose baseboard
of the pantry to enjoy this dish of onion, cucumber a la fermentée,
and chickpea.
 ~Breads & Dumplings~
 ~Baked Delights~
No tabulation of recipes can truly be compleat without that delight
most high, that Heavenly elixir called eggcream.
 ~Cordials & Squashes~
Other yummy drinks I proffer.