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Printmaking has all of the excitement of gambling without its guilt
and ruin. (Samuel Palmer)


Ernest Hemingway's Hack (his words, not mine):

The best way is always to stop when you are going good and when you
know what will happen  next. If you do that every  day ... you will
never be  stuck. Always  stop while  you are  going good  and don't
think about it or worry about it  until you start to write the next
day. That way  your subconscious will work on it  all the time. But
if you think  about it consciously or worry about  it you will kill
it and your brain will be tired before you start.

I  used  a  variant  to  this  approach  (before  I  had  heard  of
Hemingway's  connection  to it)  when  I  was studying  printmaking
(among a  lot of other  things) in  college: I always  had multiple
images I was working on developing at any given time - so that even
if I  finished something, decided it  was complete and ready  to be
editioned,  I  always had  something  else  in-process to  continue
working on. If  I did get stuck  on working on one  image there was
always another one in-process to work on instead. I also always had
something at least mid-way toward a  finished state so it was never
a rush to have  something for a class critique - as  often as not I
had something finished and ready to print an edition.

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