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What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark?
                             It would be like sleep without dreams.
                                                    (Werner Herzog)


Oh Lavas Laerk had a face like a dirk
And of swordsmen twenty and three.
His greased black ship through the waves did slip
'Twas the sleekest craft at sea.
But it helped him naught when he was caught
Between magic, the Mouser, and me.
And now he feeds fishes the daintiest dishes
But the daintiest dish is he.
(Fafhrd the Barbarian)

                          My best inspector put in her notice that
                            she is quitting today.  I only had two
                            inspectors, and a couple folks who can
                               fill in when needed (at the expense
                             of doing their day job).  I myself am
                             not a trained inspector though I have
                           supervised them for the last five years
                         of my career - it's actually a completely
                             separate skillset from quality system 
                             which is what I do.  The reason?  She 
                               found a job with a shorter commute. 
                            Dealing with short-term putting out of 
                          fires is going to consume all of my time 
                          at this job if I allow it - I'm going to
                            have to keep  an eye on that.  I spent 
                               half my day at least today on that,
                              probably more like 90% if I'm really
                              honest.  I need to start coaching my
                         people (and others) more and  giving them
                                                  the answer less.

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