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                                     I'm back in The Village again.

We are now in southern Michigan, the  land of the Big Three and ...
well I can't say we've been out and about much yet to see what else
is around here yet.

However, I recently mentioned[0] that  in New Jersey they're so big
on ketchup use  that they offer it to you  with breakfast (at least
for drive-thru  McDonald's they  do). Well it  turns out  that they
often offer you ketchup for your breakfast at drive-thru windows in
Michigan (experienced consistently multiple  times at a Burger King
near work). Please update your programs.

So I wonder: is breakfast ketchup really that necessary?

And why,  if it  is, do  they not ask  if I  want ketchup  when I'm
buying lunch - only for  breakfast? It seems the bean-counters need
to  recalibrate or  something. Why  do they  trust you  to ask  for
ketchup if you want it with lunch  - but assume they have to remind
you about it for breakfast?

My  NetBSD system  fell victim  to the  shenanigans on  where pkgin
stores the  database of installed  packages information.  I got the
'split- brain' version where some packages were recorded in the old
location  and others  in  the new  location. I  am  engaged in  the
process now  of manually unfucking  them.  I am down to  one stupid
library-package   - gdk-pixbuf2 -  that  refuses  to yield  to  the
solutions that worked  for all of the other packages.  It just says
cruel things like

pkg_add:    Conflicting     PLIST    with    gdk-pixbuf2-2.42.6nb1:
lib/libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.0.4200.6   pkg_add:  1   package  addition

That is why I cannot currently  have nice things like a functioning
firefox or gimp or gqview. But hey, at least X is running again and
I can  have two terminals  side-by-side to  work on fixing  it. All
hail Window Maker  who cares not for  the new shiny of  gtk and its
hellish mutant  offspring!  And xdaliclock  is there in  the corner
once again, morphing  and morphing and changing  colors to distract
and to comfort me.

In other news I passed my online  ASME NQA-1 course for work and my
truck once  again has  working, reliable  brakes that  don't squeal
like a m10r.

A  picture is  worth 10K  words -  but only  those to  describe the
picture. Hardly any  sets of 10K words can  be adequately described
with pictures. --Alan Perlis

Preach it, Alan.

[0] gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/0/%7elosthalo/nusuth/nusuth-20220227.txt