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I eat  my peas with honey
I've done so  all my life.
It  makes the peas taste funny
But it keeps them on the knife.


On our last  move, coming back from living in  Washington state for
three years, and  Maryland before that, finding a  White Castle and
having some sliders  when we passed through the Midwest  on our way
to fucking New  Jersey was a high  point in a trip  that was pretty
rough on both of us. There were sliders and onion rings to cheer us
up a bit when life in  New Jersey and Pennsylvania was rough, which
has been a lot  of the past two years. We did have  to ask them for
no  ketchup  every time  though  because  apparently everything  in
Jersey  and Pennsylvania  comes  with it  by  default. Speaking  as
someone  who  occasionally  even  puts ketchup  on  hot  dogs,  not
everything needs  ketchup. In Jersey  they ask if you  need ketchup
packets for your McDonalds breakfast.

                           NO CARRIER