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                                                   world up my ass!



Around 2002  I worked for about  a year in a  photo development lab
for a photo printing and equipment sales company on the lab side of
their  'pro lab'  location  that did  all of  the  larger and  more
complex printing for all of the satellite locations that only had a
Fuji Frontier minilab and a C-41 film development machine.

The lab was an interesting place staffed by a few older women and a
group of  college-age men  and women.  One of  the young  lab techs
named Stephanie used the word 'bukkake' as a generic curse word, so
if  she made  a  mistake or  stubbed  her toe  she  might call  out
'bukkake!' which I thought was hilarious.

world up my ass!

Back in high school my group of friends came across the song 'World
Up My Ass' by  the punk band the Circle Jerks.  This of course came
to be used as a general exclamation of amusement amongst our group,
as  in 'World  up my  ass, Trump  just fired  his Attorney  General

So there  you have it, two  completely random pieces of  very local
slang  resurrected  and  released  into  the  wild  to  trouble  an
unsuspecting world once more, free to a good home. Perhaps tomorrow
when you  accidentally 'rm' the  wrong file or delete  your backups
you'll ring out with 'BUKKAKE!!'  Nowadays of course that might get
you  an uncomfortable  conversation  with HR  since  it's far  more
likely someone might know what it means (or giggle it).

What can we expect in a world  where even Mucky Pup has a Wikipedia
entry? [0]

Anyone else have any good examples to share? Let's have 'em!

Be well, sundogs!


"World Up My Ass"

I've got the world up my ass
and i'm gonna move fast 
be the first
won't be the last 
i've got the world up my ass

society is burning me up
take a bite, spit it out
take their rules
rip 'em up, tear them down

twisted mind, withered brain
you know I'm going insane
I just tell them to get back
when they tell me how to act
i've got the world up my ass

you know I've got the world up my ass

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Boy_in_a_Man%27s_World

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