ve got debuggers,one we

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                  We've got debuggers, one we
support and one we use.

I bit the bullet and purchased myself an
Ergodox-EZ keyboard.  I had been looking for
something to replace the Typematrix 2020, I
definitely wanted an ortholinear board and it
seems like the best fit available for my
needs that isn't a solder-it-yourself kit.  I
have no soldering skills and no time to pick
them up (and no other use really for
soldering skills at present).  I opted for the
Kailh Brown switches to have some tactility
and avoiding loud clicky noises - it's not
quiet really but that's just the unavoidable
sound of actual mechanical keypresses.

So I had to sort out how to get a new layout
flashed onto it as I didn't have any luck
compiling the Wally tool on NetBSD and it
didn't want to run under Windows 7 either. 
Their tech support pointed me to the older
teensy flashing tool which worked fine on the
old Winders laptop.  Then tech support caught
my error in setting up my layout file for the
dual-function keys that I need - I was being
a bit dense on that, should have spent more
time trying out options - and away I go.  I
may have to relocate the caps lock key if I
keep hitting it accidentally but that's a
small thing to fix.

My first layout for it is somewhat similar to
the Typematrix, adapted to the fewer keys
available on the Ergodox.  The 'file manager'
key doesn't seem to be working under NetBSD so
there's definitely still some tweaking to be
done but overall it seems comfortable.  Actual
mechanical keys are definitely an improvement
over the scissor keys of the Typematrix.  Being
able to have the modifier keys on the home row
via Dual Function is nice but will take some
time to get muscle memory built up.


Yeah, that Caps Lock had to go on another
layer, feeling much better now.  You can't go
around typing everything in ALL CAPS LIKE IT'S
THE 1960'S OR SOMETHING.  It's just exhausting.

I think I'm closing in on a decent, workable
layout now.  If anyone is curious you can see
the current state at:


I'm still reaching for that boring old non-dual-
function Shift key that is no longer there, but
I'm sure that will pass with time and repetition.

It cost some money for 'just a keyboard' but I'm
hoping it lives up to their claims of being built
for durability.  It's nice to have a new toy.

Behold, we must sully the fresh snow with
footprints in order to get anywhere.
(Ursula LeGuin)

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