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           simstim itself struck him as a gratuitous multiplication
of flesh input


many people go  without food or medicine to pay  their heating bill
in the  winter in  the wealthiest  nation on  Earth even  without a
global pandemic


Now everyone has a SIN (System Identification Number)

Back in the long-ago days of  static web pages you could start from
a  known point,  maybe not  even a  search engine  but just  a good
stepping-off point [0] and roam a  long series of pages clicking on
the most interesting  link provided and continuing  down the rabbit
hole.  You would  often  come upon  interesting eccentric  crackpot
content while  just wandering  around following links,  things that
seemed like  they shouldn't  be out wandering  around on  their own
without supervision.

One example:  clear instructions  on the  best way  to gun  down an
entire room  full of people  using two gunmen  with fully-automatic
weapons. Maybe it was just  someone's active imagination but it was
written in  a dry manner  that seemed genuine to  me at the  time I
read it. Sadly I do not  have my browser bookmarks from those days,
although the links are probably all dead and gone anyway.

I once  came upon  a page of  detailed instructions  for abandoning
your identity, dropping out of sight,  and starting a new life with
a  whole new  identity.  (Similar  to a  file  I  just came  across
recently in the archives at textfiles.com [1])

It spelled out in clear details how to:

* prepare ahead of time  without raising suspicion
* liquidate your assets to build up cash for the move
* rent a place to live without giving  a SSN or having to provide a
  rental history  or references  by  finding landlords  willing  to
  overlook  such things and to  not get completely  scammed  in the
* getting  utilities  started  without  giving  a SSN - mostly this
  involved giving a larger deposit as I recall

and similar important practical points.

It was of course ostensibly  provided with the intention of helping
people who  had good reason  to 'disappear' such as  battered women
escaping a brutal husband or  the like although the author admitted
it could as easily  be used by unscrupulous types to  go on the lam
and avoid legal entanglements or being brought to justice.

Today of course  such information is much less  useful because most
of the methods described have been obsoleted by the degree to which
landlords, utilities, and others insist on a valid SSN and check it
by running  your credit history.  Anyone asking to provide  a large
deposit to  avoid giving their  SSN is immediately  under suspicion
despite the very real potential consequences of identity theft. The
technical  skills or  money to  pay  someone with  those skills  to
accomplish dropping  out of  sight and  starting over  are probably
vastly greater than they were when I came across that page sometime
back in the 1990's and would probably violate more laws.

A simpler time, when you had the option to cease to exist if you so
chose and were willing to make some major sacrifices to do it.

This  memory  of  course  brought   to  mind  that  scene  in  Mona
Lisa  Overdrive[2] in  which Molly  takes  young Kimiko  out for  a
'walk',  deliberately obscuring  their trail  by changing  from one
transportation method  to another  many times,  until she  has some
confidence that they're  really alone, no one tailing  them, no one
actively surveilling them.

"Because sometimes it feels good to  shake it all off, get out from
under. Chances  are, we haven't.  But maybe we have.  Maybe nobody,
nobody at all, knows where we are. Nice feeling, huh?"

Would it be nice to have at least one communication method that you
knew no one at all was listening in on, even if you have nothing to
say that really  had to be kept  private? It sure would  be nice to
have the option at least since those fuckers work for us in theory.
The NSA are still probably listening in on or recording everything,
however. For all I  know the USPS is reading all  of our mail these
days too -  although I hope that there are  enough folks there that
would balk  at that that  it would have  been leaked to  the media.
Really, why would anyone want a pseudonym [3]?

My  wife chose  some years  ago to  mostly go  no-contact with  her
family due  to issues of  past abuse  and ongoing attempts  by some
family  members  to drag  her  back  into  their issues  and  being
manipulated and abused. When we moved  out of state we did not give
anyone in her family our new  address. After some years of the only
contact  with them  being via  text messages  she finally  made the
decision recently to change her phone number as well to cut off the
contact completely because  even that was being  used to manipulate
her to try to bring about more contact.

In other anonymity and privacy protection news, tilde.black [4] has
gone the way of anon.penet.fi [5].

[0] https://www.jwz.org/gruntle/
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