approximately in Americans will not

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approximately 1 in 8 Americans will not have three full meals today
or will struggle to get the three meals that they eat

The  bloody auction  is complete,  though as  with all  such things
there are still some questions as to who bought what. So it goes.

Some of the equipment that was auctioned is already on its way out,
strapped to trucks and on the road.  It's good that it won't be cut
up for scrap,  it may help some other company  try to stay together
and keep some people employed.

Another of my  people, a guy with 40+ years  with the company, left
today. He has a good new job  lined up, which is good, but it still
underscores that things are gradually coming to an end.

Others in my department have not yet found something new yet - some
aren't really  looking yet  and others just  haven't had  any luck.
Some of them, they've been at the same company for a very long time
and will probably have trouble adapting, I'm worried about them.

Overall we have done a very good job of holding things together and
I think we're  doing everything we can to take  care of our people,
we're doing the right things for them. This is probably as smooth a
process for winding down a company as you can have. Nearly everyone
has done a good job of pitching in and doing the work that needs to
be done, we have been very fortunate in that regard.

At this point managing morale  and dealing with peoples' individual
issues is  the main challenge. The  work left to be  done isn't fun
and it  is easy to be  depressed and pessimistic. That  is the real
enemy now. There have been some issues with people complaining that
they have to work harder than someone else that is still here. It's
aggravating  but  these situations  bring  out  the worst  in  some

Most however are dealing with the situation well and supporting one
another, there are a lot of good people here. I keep checking in on
people that may not be doing well, trying to make sure they're okay
and giving them a chance to vent if they need to.

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