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Evening friends  of the gopherverse. I'm  listening to cev's
show tonight which always puts  me into a good writing mood.
Thanks, cev, for your show!
You all  thought I was  going to  not write this  month, eh?
Well, I  thought about  it. There's just  a bunch  of things
happening all at  once and it's overwhelming  to tackle that
and even  write a  modest few words  here. The  Zaibatsu has
turned  into  quite the  hopping  place,  and I'm  impressed
with  the sheer  talent housed  here. I'm  kinda ashamed  of
my  crudely  wordsmithed  entries,  finger  pecking  on  the
keyboard, not  double clutching like I  should. Furthermore,
the  Circumluniverse*  [1] is  growing,  what  with the  Red
Consensus  [2]  and  Ryumin's  Dome [3].  And  then  there's
cosmic.voyage  [4], run  by tomasino  of gopher.black  fame.
Exciting times, indeed!
But I'm not here just  to exchange formalities and all that,
there's work to be done. And  tonight's topic is dear to me.
A couple months  ago, cat mentioned about  baudpunk [5], and
described  what the  term  meant. That  really  got the  ol'
cogitator chugging about some ideas I had but were lacking a
term. So here's my attempt at adding to the lexicon, just to
see if it sticks.
Where  baudpunk centered  around modem  culture of  the 90s,
funkpunk is the  present and the future  of leveraging radio
technology  for individual  and  communal self  sufficiency.
It's  equal   parts  solarpunk  and  amateur   radio,  minus
requesting governmental  permission to operate. And  in this
era of  increasing spectrum privatization, the  public needs
to maintain their claim on the  little we have left, lest we
cede the remainder only to be leased back to us.
For the US, this means Part  15 is our playground. I have to
acknowledge the efforts of freifunk  [6] which is part of my
inspiration. My  todo list  includes a  point to  point link
with family  about 1km away, and  community mesh networking.
WiFi libraries,  pirateboxes, and SDR exploration  are in on
the fun  too. But we  aren't talking about just  2.4GHz+ ISM
bands.  I'd love  to  see something  like  FaradayRF [7]  be
Part  15  certified  for  900MHz  fun.  Or  how  about  some
microbroadcasting via AM/FM?
I could go  on, but I think you get  the idea. As solderpunk
[8] says, "host something!" Maybe  for funkpunk,  it will be
"Hey you! Transmit something!"
[*] or should it be Circumlunarverse?
Tags: #welcome #funkpunk

[0] Text-only version

[1] gopher://circumlunar.space/1/universe

[2] gopher://consensus.circumlunar.space

[3] gopher://dome.circumlunar.space

[4] gopher://cosmic.voyage

[5] gopher://baud.baby/0/phlog/fs20180909.txt

[6] https://freifunk.net

[7] https://faradayrf.com

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