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Hello again.  I'm writing again  so soon  because I want  to cover
more  stuff queued  up and  I  didn't want  to make  the post  too
rambling  and without  focus. So  instead, we  have two  rambling,
unfocused posts. This one is fun because instead of banging it out
on the ol' dumb  terminal, I'm going to try a  mobile tack using a
tablet  and keyboard.  If I  like  it I  may get  a nice  compact,
travel-friendly keyboard. Right now I'm  using a full size Macally
bluetooth keyboard  I used on my  old Macbook a decade  or so ago,
when I  was wooed by  Apple to try  an x86(-64) device  that could
triple boot OSes. It certainly was entertaining, but I digress.
snowdusk asked  on Mastodon what  URI schemes exist  besides http,
ftp, etc  [1]. In response  I replied with  a link to  IANA's list
[2], which will be provided for your perusal below. This triggered
a memory regarding one or more phlog posts regarding itemtypes and
accomodating new  items to link.  I don't recall who  exactly said
what, but my vague recollection  involved considering adding a new
itemtype for  ssh since telnet  isn't the current  preferred means
for remote terminal sessions. Some  point later I realized we have
the means already available to us via the h itemtype and providing
the appropriate  URI. I think I've  even seen it on  bitreich too.
This ties into another post in the works on maybe a gophers URI. I
need to make some  digital room to work on it  and hopefully I can
say something meaningful there. Hrm,  now that I've mentioned it I
should  jot  down some  refresher  notes  before  I forget  or  go
spinning in circles whenever a random neuron fires...
A couple  nights ago cat played  a Perturbator song on  openmic. I
really like Per  turbator, and I thought I'd  share an experience.
Ever been in a situation that'  s fairly mundane and yet there's a
sensation of  a sum that's greater  than the to tal  of its parts?
This is one  of those. I recall heading down  south for a friend's
wedding listening to the Dangerous  Days album. The sun's down for
a little  while now and it's  no longer dusk. I'm  passing by Long
Beach/Torrance,  a bit  after  having  a QSO  on  2m simplex  with
someone in Redondo Beach, and the first track plays about a minute
before the refineries come into  view. Traffic is fairly light, so
everything is going smoothly. As I  make my way further south, the
synth sounds fill the cabin,  pulsing in time with the obstruction
lights on the refinery towers and  later the San Onofre NGS, as if
the mezmerizing beacons are  speaking. The industrial growls sound
like a distant foghorn and you swear the orange street lighting is
shimmering in the  fog on crescendo. Despite the dark  tone, all I
feel is peace. Why is it that I connect more meaningfully to music
on  the open  road?  Is it  the siren's  promise  of freedom  that
enchants  me, or  is it  the  relative lack  of distractions  that
allows me to meditate?
Finally,  despite  me  procrastinating  writing a  post  about  my
insanity  regarding   telephony,  I   would  like  to   hear  some
experiences  and  recommendations.  I'm pensive  about  getting  a
landline if  there is  an acceptable SIP  provider that  can offer
similar service for  less. Has anyone had  success with connecting
modems over VoIP at substantial  baudrates? I tried beforehand and
2400 baud was doable but fairly flakey.
Before I  wrap this up,  I do apologize  for the jilted  nature of
these posts.  Covering stuff before  I overwrite it with  the next
spontaneous musing is  getting pretty challenging. I  suppose if I
or others are interested in a  particular topic I can revisit, but
for  now it's  going to  be like  a greatest  hits album:  jarring
transitions between tracks.
Tags: #gopher #music #telephony

[0] Text-only version

[1] https://mastodon.sdf.org/@snowdusk_/100719601803650651 (via gopher)

[2] https://www.iana.org/assignments/uri-schemes/uri-schemes.txt (via gopher)