Random thought of the On

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Random thought of the day:

On kvothe's  phlog index [1],  the warning "The actual  content is
guaranteed to be of dubious quality." I have similar appraisals of
my own  work and I hope tob [2]  would approve the creation of the
Dubious Gopher Committee.  If asked  I would gladly warm a seat in
said committee.

Tomasino [3] and Christy [4] are contemplating categorizing gopher
phlog entries for Burrow. In  the phost, tomasino suggests tags as
a potential  solution to  this problem. I  started out  tagging my
entries and then omitted them because *effort*. I still think this
is a direction I will ultimately go, with tags linking to relevant
entries  and whatnot.  So  today marks  a return  of  tags, to  be
completed in a future project. Once again, *effort*...

I think that I'm finally honing in  on the style that I prefer. In
my previous entry [5], I dismissed the thought of providing a text
only entry due to the duplication  of data. Looking at the problem
with a fresh set of eyes, I  saw how obvious the solution was, and
will  be  offering  a  text  only  version  [0]  which  should  be
compatible with  Gopher(tm) brand gopherowzers (and  friends) with
long gophermaps.

My only question  for you, dear reader, is whether  you prefer the
text-only link  at the  bottom along  with the  others, or  at the
top  for  immediate  access  for  the  afflicted  gopher  clients?
Stylistically I prefer it at the  bottom in a single location, but
I do prefer function over form. Or  am I catering to a tiny subset
of the gopher audience, myself included?

Today it will be at the bottom, but please let me know if you have
an opinion.