created gophermap to order ll see

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~dokuja/phlog/20180305

My phlog directory's lack of order was  starting to get to me so I
created a gophermap to order it. We'll see if the maintenance will
make it more cumbersome or less.

Another short entry tonight since it's  getting late and I have to
be up early again. Today was an exercise in futility. I was hoping
to go snowboarding but instead decided, responsibly, to fix my car
nstead. After searching  on teh intarwebs I located  the part and

No,  I would  not  like to  order it.  I  went there  specifically
because  it was  in stock.  Miffed, I  went to  get some  tools at
another store to accomplish the job instead. On my way back home I
they claim it will.

Anyways I'm sure it will be a fun week trying to get the strut top
nstalled  before next  weekend. Why  am I  scurrying to  get this
fixed and  why was it  broken in  the first place?  Because rally.
*sigh* I suppose it was my fault after all...