Once am tasked with writing some

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Once again, I am tasked with writing some more on the phlog.  Hopefully soon
these posts will look less like the ravings of a lunatic and more like the

First off, some random musings.  I'm really having a good time on Mastodon,

Secondly, I'm trying to get back into cycling after a not-so-cold winter off.
On Feb 4 I made my first foray of the season.  It was a short ride to venture 
onto the new bike path created nearby and to stock up on some coffee beans.  

Since it's been a while since my first phost, I've had a chance to explore 
the burrows of the Gopherverse.  I marvelled at the similarity of 
As the adage goes, nature abhors a vacuum.  Is it our nature or is it nature 
tself that gravitates towards filling that empty space?  Who's to say that
emptiness is devoid of value?  If meditation involves clearing the mind, 
emptiness is valuable -- a desired state.

Or is there more?  Is empty more than a state?  If the medium is the message
[2], then even a touched file's value is greater than zero, greater than the 
metadata.  Let's test that theory. [3]

[1] gopher://sdf.org:70/0/users/gunnarfrost/20180109.post
[2] http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09nqnxw
[3] gopher://sdf.org:70/0/users/dokuja/phlog/20180213

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