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Wed 16th Jan 2019 /cpj

Been looking at the finger protocol and its history[1], and reading some of
the comments respecting commandline socialization tools. So I'm reading

RFC 1288, "The Finger User Information Protocol", D. Zimmerman
December 1991

2.5.1.  {C} query

   A query of {C} is a request for a list of all online users.  An RUIP
   MUST either answer or actively refuse (see section 3.2.2).  If it
   answers, then it MUST provide at least the user's full name.  The
   system administrator SHOULD be allowed to include other useful
   information (per section 3.2.3), such as:

      -    terminal location
      -    office location
      -    office phone number
      -    job name
      -    idle time (number of minutes since last typed input, or
           since last job activity).

2.5.5.  Vending machines

   Vending machines SHOULD respond to a {C} request with a list of all
   items currently available for purchase and possible consumption.
   Vending machines SHOULD respond to a {U}{C} request with a detailed
   count or list of the particular product or product slot.  Vending
   machines should NEVER NEVER EVER eat money.

And I'm thinking *vending machines*? Surely we can add an extension to the
finger server to pull gopher data from users as part of a {C} query, of the
"they've got new phlog!" variety.

Something I'm thinking about, at any rate. Practical use may vary.


[1] http://www.rajivshah.com/Case_Studies/Finger/Finger.htm