Finished code changes.Fri th

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~cpj/phlog/20181116.txt

Finished code changes...
Fri 16th Nov 2018 /cpj

I have uploaded the latest changes to my 'phup' (Wha'phup?) script for phlog
maintenance, including a self-update mode which keeps the latest version of
the script updated on my gopherhole.

I'll probably have some time today to write a routine to generate a phlog

8:35 EST

- generation routine complete
- added delete function
- re-wrote modes / optimized code

17:43 EST

Lots of snow today -- 9 cm in morning, 15 by end of the day -- so
was working from home... had a few meetings by teleconference.

Was just reading an interesting piece on the LA Library fire and public
spaces via cmccabe [~cmccabe/03-trilobyes.txt]. Interesting. For me, notions
of public spaces in an increasingly private world is like watching a debate
between Eric Raymond and Bruce Schneier moderated by Mark Kingwell.
[Kingwell wrote a series of essays on public spaces in his book _Nothing for
granted_ published in 2005.]

This also reminds me of some of the writings of Joan Schwartz, a former
colleague from the National Archives of Canada, notably _Picturing Place:
Photography and the Geographical Imagination_ and the use of a very public
device -- the camera -- to capture private moments.

Of course, the photograph is pure artifice -- a contrived embodiment -- much
in the same way as we craft our Book of Face pages to show the us we wish
the world to see.